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Grilling Holidays to Celebrate This Year!

Grilling Holidays to Celebrate This Year!

Often times we like to associate grilling out with some type of gathering, camaraderie, or just a good time with family and friends. So we got to thinking, what sort of days are out there in which we can celebrate our favorite pastime of grilling? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite, fun, and silly holidays to encourage you to get together, gear up in your GRILLKILT, and grill out!

Let's get this grilling party started with National Grilling Day, which happens to fall on May 16th! The middle of May is the perfect segue between spring and summer, and the perfect time to celebrate the art of grilling. Pick up your favorite meats and veggies from the store, load up the cooler, blast some tunes, and rock out for a griller’s favorite holiday! But what if one day is simply not enough glory to give such an amazing activity? July is National Grilling Month! The peak of summer is the perfect time to keep the charcoals hot and the gas tank filled for 31 days straight. Get crafty with your dinners and be sure to share them with all of your favorite people. Because what is a month dedicated to grilling without cooking with the ones you love? Be sure you have your GRILLKILT and all of the other accessories you need to go all month long by referring to our grilling tools guide here.

While we can spend many days celebrating the art of grilling itself, what about the specific food items we grill? Our first thought and the most iconic cookout food is the burger! Spend National Hamburger Day on May 28th by testing out all kinds of burger types, toppings, and flavor profiles. It wouldn’t be a grilling party without them! Not a burger fan? Spend July 19th celebrating National Hot Dog Day! Whether you choose beef, a brat, or sausage, hot dogs are also a cookout must-have. Top with the classics like ketchup, mustard, and relish, or get crazy on July 27th and celebrate Chili Dog Day.

While the cookout classics are always a fan favorite, we love some of the other supporting acts on the grill as well. Arguably a just as popular of a grilling choice, we can’t forget about kebabs! Grab your skewers and observe Kebab Day on July 14th. The cool thing about kebabs is that they are so versatile! Whether the group you’re hosting is more drawn to chicken, pork, beef, or seafood, a kebab will always come in clutch. Pair with fresh, in-season veggies and you’ve got a mouth-watering meal! While you can’t fit it on a kebab, we can’t forget about the star vegetable of cookouts, corn on the cobb. Observe its yellow, sweet, chompable greatness on June 11th, or National Corn on the Cobb Day. Whether you go classic with butter or spicy with street corn toppings, it will always be the perfect addition to any cookout. Pick some up at the grocery store when it is in season or stop by the farmers market whenever possible!

Now that you’re celebrating the act of grilling and everything you like to grill, what about observing some of the accents and additions to our meals? June 10th is National Herbs and Spices Day. While this may feel like a small topic to celebrate, picture your meals without anything on them! Bland is bad in the grilling world, and the toppings, rubs, spices, and marinades that enhance our food deserve a nod as well. In addition to the spices themselves, we also have to acknowledge the addition of bacon in, on, and around our grilling favorites! A burger with bacon on top or a bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno are forces to be reckoned with. Celebrate National Bacon Lovers Day on August 20th in any way you see fit. The cool thing about bacon is that the options and opportunities are endless! Finally, we raved about seasonings and toppings, but how can you host a successful grillout without a cooler full of cold ones? Plan a whole party around International Beer Day on August 4th! No matter the brand or style, we must put respect on the beverage that quenches BBQ lovers’ parties. Grab a GRILLKILT koozie in our store and check out this blog to see which GRILLKILT you should wear based on your beer of choice!

While we celebrate National Grilling Day in the month of May, we must acknowledge that May is also National BBQ Month, with May 29th being the start of National BBQ Week. We have loved to see the evolution of BBQ cooking over the years, and the many grills and smokers that people are starting to use. The recipes, meats, and techniques are endless and have become a major hobby for foodies everywhere. Are you a day-long, low and slow type BBQ’er? Consider observing National Slow Cooking Month in January! The roasts, butts, and whole hogs will not be overlooked any longer, and your dedication to the final product is always admirable! So whether you’re cooking all day or just out for a quick char, we encourage you to take a stab at your favorite BBQ recipes and to always keep your sauces handy in your GRILLKILT!

Shop our Original and Taligater GRILLKILTs and don’t show up to your next party empty-handed. Happy Holidays!

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