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Must-Have Grilling Tools for Spring/Summer 2023!

Must-Have Grilling Tools for Spring/Summer 2023!

Warmer days are ahead which means grilling season is upon us! We have waited all winter for sunny weather and can’t wait to get our grills up and running for the approaching months. But how can you confidently gear up and grill out if you feel unprepared? We have gathered our favorite grilling tools, accessories, and general must-haves for the upcoming seasons to ensure you have what you need and are ready to go. Happy grilling!


How could we start with any other accessory than the coveted GRILLKILT? You cannot be ready to rock and roll down at the grill when you’re stuck trekking to and from the kitchen! Give your accessories and tools a place to live while you man the charcoals, and have your GRILLKILT buckled up from the start. The adjustable belt allows for comfortable wearing on any frame and sports many loops and pockets to hang and store your necessities. Easily wipe your hands on your towel or even the GRILLKILT itself, and cook comfortably knowing that you can easily toss it in the wash when you’re done. Save trips inside, save your clothes from spills, and save your reputation as the smartest and most well-equipped griller at the cookout by wearing your GRILLKILT all summer long!


A fan favorite that we have seen gain popularity in the past year is the Meater, a wireless smart meat thermometer! The Meater is one of the coolest thermometers we have seen with its features like Bluetooth connectivity and a sleek, small design. Not only can you monitor your cook from a phone or tablet, but it also has timing estimations and a guided cook system to ensure that you’re not over or under cooking your meats. It is helpful and handy and an amazing gift. Luckily there is also a long, skinny thermometer pocket on the front of the GRILLKILT that would be perfect for keeping your Meater safe and accessible!

Never overcook your meat again and check out their website for more information.

BBQ Prep Tub - Drip EZ

Decide to make your summer a clean and efficient one with the BBQ Prep Tub - Drip EZ! This prep tub was essentially made to make your life easier when transporting, prepping, and storing the meats you’re grilling or smoking. The inside of the tub sports a cutting board for convenient prep and provides collapsable sides to turn it from plain board to full tub. You may wonder, “What can a tub do for me?” Make your life easier, that's what! Let your sauces and seasonings fly without hesitation knowing that your Drip EZ will catch all remnants and residuals from your spicing and marinading process. Throw on the lid to transfer to and from the porch and even keep it on when storing in the fridge. Then, after the cookout is complete, collapse the sides once more, wash the board, and store the flattened tray back in a cabinet or drawer with ease! It is one of those things that you never thought you’d need, but wonder how you ever lived without it.

Browse their offerings and see many other reasons why the Drip EZ is your new BBQ BFF.

BBQ Daddy Grill Scraper

While we are always looking for the latest and greatest tools to make our grilling better, it is important to also focus on taking care of your equipment! From the company that brought you Scrub Daddy sponges, check out the BBQ Daddy Grill Scraper! It is the last grill scraper you will need and one that will make your grill maintenance that much easier. Made of a unique Flextexture foam, the brush head hardens when dipped into cold water to provide a steamy and abrasive cleaning experience. But then, as the head heats up, the material softens and allows the cracks and crevices of your grill to be cleaned just the same. The adjustable knob allows you to change your grip angles and also pop off the head for easy cleaning. However, most importantly, the brush is bristle free! Horror stories of abandoned bristles finding their way into your meats, mouth, and throat are no more. This safe and effective alternative will keep your grill clean all summer long and can be securely kept in the long front pocket of your GRILLKILT!

Learn about why no-bristle brushes are all the rage and see more product information here!

Domino Style Skewer Rack

Spark your love for kebabs this summer with the Domino Style Skewer Rack! This stainless steel, dishwasher safe rack has officially changed the kebab game for your summer of fun. Simply load up the skewers with your favorite meats and veggies, slap it on the grill, and enjoy the ease of simplified cooking! By turning the knob of just one of the skewers you are actually turning all of the kebabs at once - like a domino effect! This ensures even cook times and seamless maneuvering of your food that even the most skilled griller can appreciate. Then, once they’re done, just pop them out of the rack, enjoy your meal, and collapse the rack and skewers into the dishwasher for an easy clean. Perfect for all grill types and every type of kebab you could dream of!

See the skewer rack and discover more of their products on their website!


GRILLKILT Carabiner/Towel Combo

The GRILLKILT is obviously a griller’s dream, but some of the additional features that can be added are some of the most important! The Bottle Opener Carabiner/Towel Combo is what hands-free dreams are made of. Simply clip the towel onto the carabiner, then slip the clip onto the waistbelt’s ring. Your towel is now hanging at your side and is ready to blot, dap, and wipe to your heart's content! Ready for a beverage once your hands are clean? The clip also serves as a bottle opener for any beer or soda. The ease and convenience of these items make for a much more successful and clean afternoon at the grill, meaning you’ve got more attention to give to the amazing meal you’re cooking. Your cluttered side of the grill will be a thing of the past!

Grill Pinz

Bacon makes everything you cook a little more fun. Or at least we’d say so! The days of loosely attaching bacon to your meats and vegetables with a flimsy toothpick are over. Grill Pinz are utensil-grade, stainless steel, reusable pins that are durable and easy to clean while holding ingredients together like a champ! They are perfect to place in any meats, on the grill, oven, or stove, and are a breeze to clean. Markers can also be added on top of the pins to differentiate your offerings spice level or requested temperature as needed. Once the grill is off and the cookout is over, the pins can be securely kept in their custom hardwood holder that is available in several colors. Keep your block of pins safe by storing them in one of the large side pockets of your GRILLKILT!

Discover a world of well-secured, bacon-wrapped meats here.

Grill Grate

You do not need a new grill, you might just need some upgrades! Take your cooktop to the next level with a Grill Grate, the easily installable grate replacement for almost every make and model of grill. Whether it is sitting on top of your previous grate or fully replaced, the Grill Grate offers significant heat control, saves gas, and allows for little to no flare ups. Your juices are caught in the valleys and your meats are evenly cooked without excess charring - what more could you ask for? Choose an easier and fool-proof grilling experience this summer by turning your factory grade grill into a state of the art machine.

Take your grill to the next level, create the sear marks you’ve always hoped for, and enjoy juicer food with upgraded equipment found here.

Carolina Brewery Sauces and Rubs

We’ve talked tactical tools, but what about catering to your tastebuds? Elevate your grilling experience with Carolina Brewery Sauces and Rubs. The combined flavors of beer and carolina flair find their way into these rubs and sauces! Use as a marinade, as a seasoning while your meats or cooking, or once your meal is served as a dipping sauce or a drizzle. The possibilities when enhancing your meats and vegetables are endless when Carolina Brewery products are involved. Be sure to also shop their extensive beer selection for the ultimate cookout experience! The best version of Carolina cooking is yours for the taking, and fit easily in the front pockets of your GRILLKILT. Grab and go and get to the grill!

Your delicious cooking experience begins with upgraded sauces and rubs.

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