Apron Accessories

Increase the functionality of your GRILLKILT!  Want top coverage?  Just purchase the "Rag Top" removable bib.  Want to clip more items to the integrated D-Rings? Buy apron accessories like extra carabiners!   Our regular and premium grommeted towels help keep hands and tools clean and dry and they clip to your waistline with carabiners. Our customers clip all sorts of things to their GRILLKILTS: Bluetooth speakers, towels, is limitless! Gear Up and Grill Out!

One of our carabiner options also doubles as a bottle opener, so that’s one less thing you need to remember to bring outside.  We also offer a leather drink holder because what’s grilling without a nice cold beverage? Keep your drink cold and your grill hot.  

Our apron accessories are functional yet stylish. For waists larger than 46", be sure to buy extra panels to cover your rear and make your apron more functional, comfortable and protective.