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Which GRILLKILT Should You Pair with Your Favorite Beer?

Which GRILLKILT Should You Pair with Your Favorite Beer?

Which GRILLKILT Should You Pair with Your Favorite Beer?

A cold beer by the hot grill is pretty much a tale as old as time, and some may argue the most important grilling accessory. But what does your choice of beer say about your style of the equally as important grilling accessory, the GRILLKILT? Like your horoscope, the pairing of your favorite beer and GRILLKILT is written in the stars, so scroll on to see which GK you should rock the next time you crack a cold one!

Domestic Beers:
So you’re a simple guy or gal and prefer the easy to drink, American made brews? We’ve got a GRILLKILT for you. Slap on the accessory that exudes the USA: a camo GRILLKILT! Whether it is the digital camo or vintage camo, both scream “I am patriotic!” And you know what else screams patriotism? A cold Bud Light on a summer day. Grab one from the cooler and wear your camo proudly!

Brands to keep on hand and in the front pocket of your GRILLKILT: Bud & Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Coors Lite, Busch Lite, PBR, and if you’re looking to relive your college days, Natural Light.

Craft Beer:
There is no shame in loving a good IPA or anything craft from the beer aisle! You are probably a beer lover and know a thing or two about types of hops and brewing techniques. So when you’re not hanging out at your local brewery, you should be seen in the Blue Jean Denim GRILLKILT! This fabric exudes class and sophistication but is still playful and outdoorsy – just like the classic craft beer drinker! Pick up your local brew and get grilling in your jean inspired GRILLKILT – with the bottle opener hanging from your carabiner!

Brands to keep in your cooler and GRILLKILT koozie: Sweetwater Brewing, Carolina Brewery,Sierra Nevada, Munkle, Allagash, Lagunitas, and anything locally brewed!


Sours and Goses:
It takes a very unique person to sit down and enjoy a sour beer or gose. They can handle a tart punch and are as quirky and unique as the beer they drink! While enjoying one of these cans or bottles, you should be sporting the Cayenne GRILLKILT! Our brightest and boldest grilling apron can be seen from a mile away, and is the best match for a sour drinker’s personality – and taste buds! Just make sure your removable ragtop bib accessory is attached, as these can get foamy.

Brands with great sours and goses to save for parties and to treat your tastebuds to: Victory, Edmunds Oast, Westbrook, Wicked Weed, Creature Comfort, and again, any local breweries!


Amber/Brown Ale:
But what about the beer drinkers that are rugged and tough? The ones that think domestics are too light and stouts are a little too dark? Those are your Amber/Brown Ale drinkers! Find them in an Olive GRILLKILT or Camel GRILLKILT Tailgater, pairing perfectly with their Carhartt and Orvis apparel. They are ready to take on any outdoor adventures with all of the right equipment and are always prepared with the delicious ales of their choosing. See ya on the mountain top or down by the

Brands to bring in your hiking backpack: Fat Tire, Anderson Valley, Newcastle, and Bell’s


Stout – a classic! Not much else to say about it. You’re a fan of anything dark, rich, creamy, and robust. And where can you find one of the most famous stouts in the world? Guinness in Ireland of course! Proudly represent stout’s Irish heritage by sporting the Cunningham Tartan GRILLKILT! Nothing says kilt like tartan plaid, and if you’re not wearing this accessory while drinking a stout, you’re doing it wrong. Sláinte!

Brands to pour into your pint glass with brats on the grill: Guinness of course, Smithwicks, Great Divide Brewing, Deschutes, and AleSmith.


Not a big beer drinker but still like to have a good time and sip something cold by the grill? You’re probably a fan of seltzers. They come in so many flavors, brands, colors, and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they’re fizzy and fun! Bring these qualities to life through your Tie Dye GRILLKILT Tailgater. An especially crazy and highly sought-after pattern was made for those who spew spunk and love to live life. So slap on these fun colors and finish your drink!

Brands to shotgun – if you’re into that!: White Claw, Truly, Wild Basin, Vizzy, Bud Light Seltzer, Topo Chico, and if you’re feeling especially fancy, High Noon.


Now that you’ve discovered your perfect GRILLKILT and cold one combo, it is time to make the match made in heaven a reality! Check out our Original Grilling Aprons and Tailgater Grilling Aprons for all listed colors and many other awesome options. But don’t forget, while beer drinkers and grill masters everywhere unite, please drink responsibly. Cheers!


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