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  • July 25, 2023 4 min read

    We are often asked, “What makes a GRILLKILT different from any other apron?” Well, a lot! Built with intention and with the best materials and design, the GRILLKILT is on a whole other level when it comes to cooking gear. The title of “apron” doesn’t even do the GRILLKILT justice, and we want to clear the air when it comes to features, versatility, and vital aspects of the GRILLKILT.

    The Body

    When you choose to grill out in a GRILLKILT, you are also choosing a multipurpose and practical apron experience! The main body of the GRILLKILT is a classic waist design, one you may visualize when you first think of a chef's apron. However, the GRILLKILT is made of durable, high-quality materials that elevate your look from basic waist wrap to practical outerwear. It is built to withstand heat and stains and provide coverage for all sizes. But what if you’re not a fan of the waist style? Don’t worry, we have a removable ragtop bib that can easily be taken on and off via Velcro. The cooking coverage is yours for the choosing depending on the day or what you’re making. The GRILLKILT also comes with removable back panels to turn your waist apron into a full-blown kilt! Are you a back-of-the-pants hand wiper? A messier griller than you’d like to admit? Then the back panels are probably the right move for you. Full 360-degree coverage is pretty much nonexistent in the apron space - until now!

    The Ties

    A basic apron comes standard with two strings to tie in the back. How many times have you been cooking, have dirty hands, then feel your waist tie come undone? Your apron is loose and there is nothing you can do about it! That issue will never arise when using a GRILLKILT. The integrated waist belt is secured with a large, durable belt-clip closure and features adjustable straps on both sides. Your clip will never randomly come undone and you will feel secure with the straps custom cinched to your hip size. No knotting or bow tying at the worst of times again!

    The Pockets

    Do aprons have pockets? Maybe some, but what are they like? We picture either the single center of the chest pocket or a shallow front pocket. How are those being utilized? They’re not! Most apron pockets are after-thoughts in the design. We wanted to minimize and eliminate the back-and-forth from the kitchen to the grill. That is why we designed the GRILLKILT to come standard with 10 pockets of intentional shapes and sizes to accommodate your grilling essentials. There are deep, cargo side pockets for large items like sauces, bottles, cans, speakers, and spices. Long, skinny pockets can be used for thermometers, long lighters, and long-handled tools such as a spatula. Shorter outer pockets can be used for your phone, matches, or even your wallet. You will always have a place for your belongings and never have to run back to the kitchen in a huff. You can also utilize the GRILLKILT pockets for supply storage when you’re not actively grilling! And to top it all off, we added comfortable hand pockets just like your favorite pair of jeans, so you can chill and grill. As Aly Walansky from Forbes said, the GRILLKILT is "perfectly designed to store and access all of his cherished grilling tools."

    The Accessories

    Your typical apron does not come with accessories or with accessory utilization in mind. A GRILLKILT comes standard with a hand towel on a carabiner and space for more utensils and accessories to be clipped on! When you have a towel clipped to your waist while grilling you are opening the door to much more efficient and easy cooking. No more wads of paper towels or a nasty rag thrown over your shoulder. It clips onto one of the 5 D-rings featured on the integrated waist belt and can be moved depending on where you like to grab and wipe. But what about the other 4 rings? That is up to you! Slap on a bottle opener clip, hook on a grill brush, loop on your tongs, or even attach additional towels as needed! Your accessories are right where you need them to be as soon as you need them, and that is a beautiful thing. Where are you holding all of these accessories on your regular apron? You’re not!

    The Quality

    Finally, when it comes to a GRILLKILT vs. any other regular apron, you must keep quality in mind. A GRILLKILT is constructed with breathable, machine-washable fabric to keep you cool and clean while grilling. Simply throw it in the wash after every few uses and continue to enjoy a well-maintained apron. While some other brands also feature machine washability, are they made with durability and longevity in mind? The construction of the GRILLKILT was influenced by outdoor gear where the elements, extreme usage, and wear and tear would be taken into consideration. It will prove reliable for years to come no matter how wild of a chef you may be! So while some aprons are durable, they probably can’t be washed, and while some are easy to toss in the machine, they lack quality - you get the point!

    So, to “wrap it up”, we also ship around the world and offer gift packaging. (And we will soon be offering embroidered personalization!) The GRILLKILT has been featured in Forbes and Men’s Journal and is sewn in the U.S.A.- what other apron brand can say all that! Shop all 16 colors and two style here on our website.