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GRILLKILT vs. Tailgater

GRILLKILT vs. Tailgater

We have told you about the classic GRILLKILT and how it compares to other basic aprons, but what about our other GK offerings? Specifically, the Tailgater! We set out on a mission to eliminate trips back and forth from the kitchen to the grill, and along the way, we have discovered that some people’s needs may differ. Check out the differences between both and learn which style may be best suited for you! 


The Pockets

The OG GRILLKILT packs a punch when it comes to pockets. 10 to be exact! This storage can’t be beat when you have a long day standing at the grill. They come in different shapes and sizes to hold your supplies, sauces, utensils, and more. But what if you’re just grilling in the parking lot of a football game and don’t need all that space? Turn to the Tailgater! This paired down version of the GRILLKILT is perfect for packing light and cooking on the road. Featuring 4 pockets instead of 10, the Tailgater will afford you space to hold the essentials without going overboard. Simply pack up your tailgating needs in the pockets, toss it in the car with your grill, and clip it on when you’re ready to get cooking! 

The Size 

A second differentiator between the two models is the size. Both the original GRILLKILT and the Tailgater feature a 20” apron front, providing ample waist and thigh coverage on most people. However, the difference comes in the width. The GRILLKILT comes standard with removable back panels. These panels can be integrated into the waist belt giving you up to 46” of coverage around your backside. No more wiping your hands on the backs of your pants when your panels are in place! But have no fear, the full kilt look may not be for everyone. You can either wear your OG GRILLKILT without the panels, or reach for a Tailgater style that is open back no matter what! Since it boasts less fabric, the Tailgater is easy to pack up and store when hitting the road, or maybe if you just know a more basic apron style is what you’re looking for. 

The Rings

But what if you have towels and tools you want to hang on your waist belt? No worries there! The original GRILLKILT comes standard with 5 D-rings to organize and hold your items comfortably. There is plenty of space for a premium GK hand towel, tongs, a bottle opener carabiner, and whatever else you may need on hand! The Tailgater, while still accommodating to your needs, only sports 2 D-rings. Still giving you space to hang a towel and another clip of choice, this style may be the move if you aren’t someone who needs several utensils while at the grill. Keep your two tried and true tools on your waist and ditch the rest. It is up to you! 

The Style

What do you look for in a grilling apron when it comes to style? Color, pattern, personalization? We’ve got it all! The OG GRILLKILT is available in 16 colors, 5 patterns, and a Team USA version with red, white, and blue details. You want a plain black to go with everything? Done. Want to look quite Scottish? Cunningham Tartan and Black Watch Tartans both look authentic! Camo for hunting enthusiasts? All yours! The possibilities are endless for everyone’s individual style. The Tailgater is available in Tie Dye, Camel, and Vintage Camo. However, what the Tailgater is missing in regards to color options, it makes up for in personalization options. The front logo patch is attached by a Velcro tab. Easily remove the Tailgater patch and customize your kilt with a patch of your own! Have a favorite band, character, or team? Throw it on there in patch form! Perfect for when you’re manning the grill at a sporting event but still want to represent the team you’re rooting for. 

Still unsure about which style is for you? Let’s break it down to the nitty gritty! The classic GRILLKILT style has 10 pockets, 5 D-rings, detachable back panels, lots of colors/patterns, and is the perfect gift for the ultimate griller in your life. The Tailgater style features 4 pockets, 2 D-rings, an open back, 3 colors choices, a removable front patch, a lower price point, and is perfect for additional activities like working in food and bev, crafting in a workshop, or any other artistic endeavors. 

Is one style finally standing out as the winner? Click the GRILLKILT PRODUCTS tab and get shopping! Don’t forget to add an extra towel or two, an attachable ragtop bib, a soft t-shirt, a groovy hat, and multi-tool to your cart as well. Enjoy! 

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