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GRILLKILT Grilling Apron

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This is the original GRILLKILT grilling apron.  The GRILLKILT grill apron has 10 pockets and 5 D-rings to organize and hold your grilling accessories comfortably.  Included with each GRILLKILT purchase are a grommeted hand towel and 2 carabiners for clipping accessories to the heavy-duty waist belt.

The GRILLKILT apron has an adjustable belt that can be sized and adjusted up to 60". Rear panels can be removed or added for preferred waist coverage. Rear fabric panels (included) allow complete waist coverage of up to 46".  For larger waists, and full rear coverage (up to 60" maximum), simply purchase additional panels (sold separately). Length: 20"   The ragtop bib (sold separately) can be attached easily to the GRILLKILT and is removable for washing!

We take pride in our products! This GRILLKILT is sewn in the U.S.A. with 100% durable, breathable, washable, soft fabrics (Tartans are polyester, and all other colors are cotton).