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Yates Dew, GRILLKILT Founder
Like millions of others, I love everything about grilling out ... the craft, the company, the process, and the rewarding food! As you know, grilling outside requires preparation, planning, tools and equipment.  And this is how the GRILLKILT came to be.

I found myself needing an apron and also wanting to reduce the amount of times of going back and forth from the kitchen to the grill. My invention evolved from the desire to solve this problem. Traditional aprons are nothing more than ill-fitting, functionless smocks. What I needed did not exist.  
Truth be told, I didn’t set out to build a kilt. The GRILLKILT is not a traditional kilt nor a typical apron. I wanted a premium quality apron that had smart storage and serious functionality. The first prototype was a combination of a tool belt, rock climbing gear, and a towel.

GRILLKILT launched less than 2 years ago and we continue to develop new grilling products. Our grilling aprons are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and we donate a percentage of our profits to animal welfare.
The GRILLKILT has been featured in Forbes, Men’s Journal, Barbecue Bible, Cooking Light, and many other respectable publications.  

 Say goodbye to ordinary aprons.  Put on a GRILLKILT, load it up with your essentials, and blaze on. Gear up and grill out!


Yates Dew