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Tips To Grill Vegetables Without Losing The Original Taste

Tips To Grill Vegetables Without Losing The Original Taste

Tips To Grill Vegetables Without Losing The Original Taste

By: Jennifer Roy -

 One complication we all may face while grilling vegetables is the inability to enjoy the taste of your corn or asparagus since, in most cases, it gets replaced with an overwhelming amount of grilled flavor. We love adding a ton of flavor to our vegetable stir fry recipe, but the challenge is how to do so while retaining the nutrition and taste of your favorite vegetables during grilling. This may happen due to extended cooking periods or not adding the right spices. It can also be due to not choosing suitable vegetables whose flavor may retain throughout the grilling process.

 To tackle this problem, we have assembled a list of tips to follow to acquire maximum flavor. It will allow you to savor the original taste of your grilled vegetables. Without further delay, let's get into it.

1. Be Prepared

Firstly, you need to gear up and ensure that you have all the right tools to begin the grilling/cooking process. You can find every product you need for this here at GRILLKILT: This awesome grilling apron includes convenient hand towels that are designed specifically for people who grill. The GRILL KILT apron is equipped with many accessories that will be of good use while grilling, such as different-sized storage pockets, towels and D-rings for clipping cooking accessories. This will ensure that you have everything handy and can focus on the task of grilling properly. Gear up and grill out your vegetables in a GRILLKILT!

2. Avoid marinating

Marinating your vegetables is not recommended since citrus and vinegar are known to break down the original flavor. Alternatively, if you wish to prep your vegetables, you can choose to cut them and then season the cut vegetables with olive oil. Salt and pepper will also work for this. After doing so, storing your seasoned vegetables in a zip lock bag is the most suitable method.

3. Avoid soaking vegetables

Just like marinating, soaking vegetables may also not be necessary. Your soaked vegetables will be soggy, which may eventually strip all the flavor away after being grilled. Another issue is that soaking may cause your vegetables to become watery and wet vegetables tend to taste unpleasant.

4. Choosing the right vegetables

Zucchini is on the list of best vegetables to fry. Both green and yellow ones can be perfect candidates. Another one is bell peppers and their variations like poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet baby peppers and shishito peppers. These can be sliced, and for eating them easier, it is best to remove seeds beforehand. Mushrooms can be grilled whole while placing the cap side down to retain moisture and flavor. Eggplant turns creamy and maintains its taste, making it another viable candidate.


In addition, there are carrots, onions, asparagus, corn, artichokes, cauliflower, romaine lettuce and tomatoes that are perfect for grilling and keeping the original taste with it.

5. Put Oil On Vegetables Before Cooking

The golden rule of grilling is to oil up what you grill, not the grill itself. This applies to when you grill vegetables as well. Gently drizzle oil along the vegetables allowing it to even out. You may even use your fingers to perfectly even out the oil the way you want.

 Mushrooms absorb oil faster than other vegetables, so it is wiser to work quickly with them. It would be best to remain calm, so you do not mess up the mushrooms out of panic. Mushrooms produce a lot of natural juice, so it will be a huge treat in the end.

6. The Grilling Process

The best way to grill vegetables is to begin with medium heat. Any vegetables cut in long slices or are longer, like the asparagus and carrot, must be placed sideways on the grill, so they do not fall into the grill.

7. Closing The Lid

Once you close the lid, you let the vegetable cook independently without your assistance. You should do this for 4-5 minutes. Shutting the top allows you to create an atmosphere similar to an oven-style environment. This allows the vegetables to bake lightly. This lets the grilling process continue without too much heat exertion, which can take away the vegetables' flavor.

You must also check the progress every few minutes to ensure that it does not get charred, and just let it cook until it reaches the perfect and desired amount of softened.

To Sum it Up

Grilling is an excellent method for cooking but can result in your vegetables losing their original taste. This is why we have compiled specific tips to prevent this. Citrus and vinegar may break down your vegetables' flavor; therefore, it is better to avoid marinating. You should avoid soaking, too, since it will have similar effects. Secondly, it comes down to choosing the vegetables that best interact with your grill. This is important since different vegetables are not the same and are often cooked differently for maximum flavor. You must oil your vegetables whenever you use the grill. Finally, keep it at medium heat, ensuring it does char since the carbon from being charred will strip your flavor away. Closing the lid will subject your vegetables to a perfect oven-like environment.

We hope this article helps you get the most out of grilling vegetables. Thank you for reading!

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