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  • December 18, 2023 4 min read

    How is it that the holidays feel like they approach quicker and quicker each year? Do not fret, there is still time to shop!  Buying gifts for people can be a stressful task, so why not try shopping based on their hobbies? In this case, grilling, cooking, baking, or anything kitchen-related! We’ve got you covered for last-minute gifts that the chef in your life is sure to love. 

    A GRILLKILT, of course! 

    Convenient, cool, and one-size-fits-most, you can’t go wrong with gifting a GRILLKILT. No matter their cooking practice of choice, everyone can benefit from a quality apron…but this is not just an apron!  No, this is not your typical “Kiss The Cook” flimsy apron.  The unique GRILLKILT has a built-in toolbelt, a patented removable bib, and a ton of pockets, unlike any other apron on the planet!  Why not give one that will hold all of their necessary tools, spices, towels, and more? Quickly wipe your hands on the clipped-on towel, stuff the pockets with a thermometer or seasonings, or even personalize their GRILLKILT by selecting the embroidery option for an added bonus. The GRILLKILT is a cooking game-changer and surely to be the hit of the season for everyone in the kitchen. 

    Cooking Class Gift Card

    Purchase a gift card for an online or local cooking class! Many platforms offer classes on various cuisines and techniques, allowing the chef to expand their culinary skills. You can’t put a price on improving your skills and revamping your love for cooking, and when the people you love are great chefs, you win too! Many chefs on Instagram offer subscriptions nowadays so you can really dial in your skills with the coach of your choice. We especially like @seattlebutcherswife, @chucksflavortrain, @bbqdadjody, and @biggreeneggfoodie to name a few.  Visit our Instagram page @grillkilt to follow along for recipes and fun too.

    Gourmet Ingredients

    Put together a basket of high-quality, unique ingredients that the chef may not buy for themselves. This could include truffle oils, aged balsamic vinegar, specialty spices, or hot sauces. We recommend some specialty meat seasonings too, like rubs from Carolina Brewery and BBQ injections from Kosmo’s Q! But why stop there? You can even give the gift of beauty and gourmet combined with this aesthetically pleasing spice jar and label set!

    Kitchen Essentials and Gadgets

    Having the best kitchen essentials or a brand-new cooking gadget could take their cooking experience to a whole new level. Maybe choose a high-quality knife, like Middleton Made Knives,unless they are sold out because of their recent fame on @cbssundaymoring, or a set of professional-grade measuring cups and spoons from Williams Sonoma they've been eyeing. Want to take it up another level? People are raving about the Meater, a Bluetooth-connected meat thermometer. It even comes in a sleek, wooden box that would look sick under the Christmas tree. Think outside the box and pick something that they’ve either desperately needed to upgrade, or have been curious to try!

    Herb Garden Kit

    Give the gift of fresh herbs with a compact herb garden kit. We really like the ones from Aerogarden and Click and Grow. These kits often include everything needed to grow herbs indoors, providing a convenient and flavorful addition to their dishes. This can also be a fun and interactive gift for chefs who cook with their children!

    Cookbook by a Favorite Chef

    If they have a favorite chef or cuisine, consider gifting a cookbook by that chef or focusing on a specific culinary theme that aligns with their interests. There are tons of cool creators to discover, so why not consider a cuisine they love or even something out of the box! Are you shopping for someone who loves to grill? Consider this (autographed!) copy of famous pit-master Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ Cookbook. More of a health nut? Try the Well Plated Cookbook by Erin Clarke. There is a book for every vibe, cuisine, difficulty level, and more! 

    GRILLKILT Multi-Tool

    Kill 5 birds with one stone by gifting the chef in your life a GRILLKILT Multi-tool! Our unique tool, reminiscent of a Swiss Army Knife offers a spatula, fork, baster, bottle opener, and corkscrew all in one handy device. Perfect for those who may be apartment or condo grill masters and don’t have a lot of space in their BBQ area. Visit www.grillkilt.com to order online.

    A Quality Cutting Board

    While it may seem basic, a good cutting board is actually an extremely versatile gift! Perfect to use when cutting and prepping meats, but also to present food when it is time to eat! Pair with some knives and spices for the BBQer in your life, or even combine with cheeses, salamis, and jams for a charcuterie board vibe! Check out Kong Boards for some of the most beautiful and quality-made boards we’ve seen.

    Remember, the thoughtfulness behind the gift often matters more than the price tag. Tailor your choice to their specific tastes and interests, and your last-minute gift is sure to be appreciated. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!