GRILLKILT Tailgater Grill Apron | Tie Dye

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This is our GRILLKILT Tailgater Grill Apron in tie-dye* print. The GRILLKILT Tailgater is designed for more simple grilling situations.  This grilling apron is similar in construction to our original GRILLKILT but with fewer pockets, fewer D-rings, and no rear panels.  The deep hand pockets and cargo pockets make this 4-pocket waist apron a great weekend traveler and it is absolutely perfect for toting to the tailgate.

The heavy-duty, adjustable belt supports the weight of your grilling essentials and has 2 D-rings for attaching towels and accessories.  Centered on the belt is a piece of Loop (Similar to Velcro ™) to attach and remove a personal patch for teams, brands, flags, etc.

The GRILLKILT Tailgater is adjustable for waist sizes up to 72” and is currently available in 3 colors: Tie Dye, Camel, and Vintage Camo.  We recommend buying a hand towel and carabiners to attach to the D-rings on the waist belt....and maybe a GRILLKILT bottle opener too. Our GRILLKILT “Ragtop” bib can also be integrated with this model.  

This tailgate titan is an awesome, multi-use apron.  We suspect that this well-appointed, belted waist apron will be seen in the wild for other activities such as food and beverage, crafting workshops, and other artistic endeavors.

Length: 20"

Top fabric width: 28"

Bottom fabric width: 35"

Fabric: 100% Cotton

* Note:  Pictures are representations of the tie-dye print. Not all patterns are the same and no two are exactly alike.