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The GRILLKILT Tailgater bundle Includes one GRILLKILT Tailgater apron, a cotton logo hand towel, and 2 carabinersWhere else can you get an awesome grilling apron like this?  (Psst, nowhere, we promise). 

Four large pockets and a heavy-duty waist belt make this grilling apron very handy around the tailgate and grill. It has all that any grill master needs to grill and chill.

The deep hand pockets and cargo pockets make this 4-pocket waist apron a great weekend traveler and it is absolutely perfect for toting to the tailgate.   There is even a Velcro ™ tab on the belt so that you can add a patch to customize your Tailgater.

This grilling apron is similar in construction to our original GRILLKILT but with fewer pockets, fewer D-rings, and no rear panels.  The heavy-duty, adjustable belt supports the weight of your grilling essentials and has 2 D-rings for attaching towels and accessories.  Centered on the belt is a piece of Loop (Similar to Velcro ™) to attach and remove a personal patch for teams, brands, flags, etc. 

This tailgate titan is an awesome, multi-use apron.  We suspect that this well-appointed, belted waist apron will be seen in the wild for other activities such as food and beverage, crafting workshops, and other artistic endeavors.


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