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  • GRILLKILT Tailgater Grill Apron | Tie Dye

    The GRILLKILT Tailgater waist-apron is similar in construction integrity to our original GRILLKILT.  Sporting our built-in tool belt design, 4 deep cargo pockets, and 2 D-rings for clipping your gear, this grilling apron is no slouch!  It even comes with an attached hand towel and a carabiner!  This is a badass waist apron at an unbeatable value.

    Customize it: A piece of velcro is centered on the belt to attach and remove a personal patch for teams, brands, flags, etc. How clever! The GRILLKILT “Ragtop” bib (sold separately) can easily be attached and removed like the original GRILLKILT.

    Description: The deep hand and cargo pockets make this 4-pocket grilling apron an easy weekend traveler and will also be well suited for bartenders, servers, crafting, gardening, and toting it to the tailgate!  

    The GRILLKILT Tailgater is adjustable for waist sizes up to 72” and is currently available in 3 colors: Tie Dye, Camel, and Vintage Camo.  

    Length: 20"

    Top fabric width: 28"

    Bottom fabric width: 35"

    Fabric: 100% Cotton

    * Note:  Pictures are representations of the tie-dye print. Not all patterns are the same and no two are exactly alike. (So... in other words... you will have an original..like a snowflake)